DMG IDs Campaigns

Using the newest technology in targeted marketing, we can now advertise directly to your competitors customers and the places they frequent.

Track the unique mobile IDs who visit both your competitors and your own dealership
See how your foot traffic compares to your competitors
Use the mobile IDs and foot traffic to personally target directly to your competitors through custom social media ads

Track where the people who visit your dealership are commuting from. We can target those motivated areas to provide greater incoming traffic.

See where your prospective clients go after leaving your dealership. We can target to those stores specifically with follow up ads reminding them to return to your store.
Track the mobile IDs to see how many times they return to your dealership

Track Foot Traffic

By closely observing the changes in your foot traffic, we can properly identify how each new campaign and ad impacts your prospective customers
Get updates on how your foot traffic is trending. We can show you how many more people entered your dealership after we targeted them with ads
Identify how the day to day foot traffic changes. We can update your marketing plan to prioritize the ads which get you the best traffic response