Vehicle Listing Ads

Place your inventory above search results.

What are they?

Google Vehicle Ads put your inventory directly into Google Search Results with dynamic vehicle photos and direct links back to the vehicle's VDP on your website. They turn SERPs (search engine results pages) into live shopping portals and place your inventory in-front of the most qualified car shoppers.

How do they work?

Relevant vehicles are displayed at the top of the Google search results featuring a cover photo, year, make, model, price, condition, and the dealership's name and address. When the ad is clicked it takes the customer directly to the vehicle's VDP creating a very low funnel customer and giving them the opportunity to submit a lead on that vehicle. You will only be charged if a customer clicks on your vehicle in the Google search results. 

Why use Direct Marketing Group?

Direct Marketing Group will bridge your live inventory feed to Google VLAs, directing them back to the VDP on your website. When using a 3rd party like or Autotrader to host your VLAs your ad spend is taking the customer to their website, not yours. We monitor the connection, generate real-time reports on effectiveness and vehicle statistics, which assist in managing inventory, especially pre-owned vehicles.

Did you know?