Working within your database we target customers with a message encouraging them to get their vehicle's value which will generate Trade Appraisal Leads for your team.

How is it used?

We will generate a targeted list from your database of sold, unsold and service customers. This audience will receive a customized TEXTiUM email with a message specific to their vehicle. A call-to-action button will be included in the email, enabling customers to receive their vehicle's value by text message, and a lead will be generated in your CRM system.

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Sales Customers

Why TEXTiUM will generate thousands of dollars for your pre-owned department:

TEXTiUM targets customers that own the vehicles you want on your pre-owned lot. If a specific model is hot on the pre-owned market, we create a campaign that will get you trade appraisals in the first 30 minutes of deployment for that vehicle. Giving your Pre-owned Manager a second option instead of over-paying at the auction.

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Service Customers

How does TEXTiUM work for the Service Department?

Direct Marketing Group will create campaigns targeted to your database of service customers with specials and coupons that generate leads. Coupons that must be claimed by the customer will generate a lead in real time once the coupon is claimed.


We create campaigns based on customer retention and lost opportunities. You can target customers who haven't been in for 12 months, 18 months, or first time visits.


The highest paying ROs are customer pay, but specifically high-mileage customer pay. In order to target those potential customers, we will create a campaign that sends coupons, offers, and specials to generate leads. Imagine getting 30-40 customers with 75,000 miles on their vehicles to claim a 20% off coupon, or a BOGO oil change in 24 hours from the start of the campaign. How much money will that generate for your dealership?

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