Vehicle Purchase Event

Event Days May 18th - 31st. Ads go up May 18th and lasts until the 31st, then extended through Saturday June 4th.

Here's Whats Included:

Vehicle Purchase Event.png

Landing Page 

Call Center.png

Call Center


Interactive Appt Log

Behavioral Based Email Campaigns

Trade Appraisal Leads Instantly Go Into Dealers CRM

Click Here For TEXTiUM Demo


Themed to fit the TikTok based audience

Ads are locally shown to your target location

TikTok ads are measured by impressions and will be redirected to your dealership landing page. 

Facebook Ads

Targeted Towards in-market customers pulled from dealer databases as well as conquest customers within a 30-mile radius of the dealership.

facebook ad.png

Ads copy stating the high urgency of needing to purchase vehicles and that their vehicle could be worth more now than ever.

CTA - "Send Message"

DMG Handles all responses with the end goal of scheduling the appointment 

Theme For May

Our 18-Day May Memorial Day Event 


"Memorial Day Vehicle Purchase Event"

Hook: $100 Gift Card with every Trade Appraisal with Appointment.

Gift Card can vary based on dealership preference. 

Calls by DMG 
Talking in Headset

Will handle all incoming phone calls and TEXTiUM trade appraisal leads. 

All appointments will go on the interactive appointment log and is shared with your dealership



Phone: 919-473-9458


Fax: It's 2020, Who Faxes?

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