5 Reasons Using Instagram Will Help Build Your Brand

At its heart, marketing is about telling a story. It’s about building a brand and reputation that’s relatable to people. The best way to connect with an audience is to reach them on an emotional level, which is what makes Instagram the perfect medium. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words! Here are five reasons why every company should be using Instagram:

1. Visual Content Works

Visual imagery makes a bigger impression and is more memorable for consumers. In fact, visual content has been reported to produce 650% higher audience engagement than text posts. This fact alone makes Instagram a worthy platform to build a company brand.

2. Higher Brand Interaction

Instagram has reported that 80% of its users follow at least one business. In fact, the photo-sharing network scored a higher brand engagement rate than both Facebook and Twitter.

3. Instagram is a Huge Platform

Instagram is reported to have over a billion active accounts each month, with nearly 500 million daily users. This means your audience is there. It’s just a matter of connecting with them.

4. People Use Instagram...A LOT

Not only does Instagram have a large number of users, but those users also spend a lot of time on the platform. On average, Instagram users spend nearly 30 minutes to an hour of their day checking Instagram, tracking only slightly behind Facebook.

5. Instagram is Always Evolving

Instagram isn’t about just sharing photos anymore. The social media platform has added video capabilities and Instagram Stories to its repertoire, broadening the ways a company can build its brand using visual content.

With more than 600 million users a month, the Instagram platform has become a powerful networking engine for all types of businesses. As newer features develop, Instagram continues to give businesses the power to grow and promote their brands more effectively than ever before.

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