The BEST Times To Post On Social Media in 2018

At some point, all social media aficionados have faced the same dilemma: how often should I post on my organization’s social media accounts?

If you post too little, your audience might forget about your brand. However, if you post too much, you run the risk of annoying them to the point that they unfollow your page. It’s all about striking the right balance. The goal is to foster audience engagement without overdoing it and annoying your followers.

Practically all brands are now using Facebook (if you’re not, you should start). Social media coordinators should strive to post at least once a day on Facebook, with the ideal number of posts being 2-3. However, that’s only half the equation. It’s not just about how often, but also when to post. Recent research shows that posts in the mid-afternoon (think 1-3 pm) show the highest level of audience engagement.

These days, Facebook isn’t the only medium that’s being used for brand promotion. Instagram, while not quite as impactful as Facebook, has proven to be quite useful. However, the guidelines for social media use are not uniform across all media platforms.

For Instagram, it’s not really about how often to post, but rather remaining consistent in your posting habits. In short, consistency is key. If you start off posting 3 times a day, keep posting 3 times a day. Don’t post 3 times per day one week, and then regress to once a day the following week. Stay consistent in your posting habits and you’ll likely see the results you’re looking for.


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